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Hill District Education Council Demands Action on Schools

The Hill District Education Council (HDEC) has presented a list of demands to the Pittsburgh Public Schools and the district's Board of Education to address concerns about continuing low student achievement, high teacher turnover, and insensitive staff.

At a news conference this morning at Freedom Corner, Co-Chair Rev. Dr. Johnnie Monroe listed the demands: "Place an excellent teacher in every classroom in the Hill. We want teachers who believe that black children can learn," Monroe said. " Rid the Hill schools of teachers who don't want to be here and keep teachers who love our children and who want to be in our schools."

Three of the district's schools are located in the Hill District: Weil Pre-K-5, Miller Pre-K-5 and Milliones University Prep 6-12.

Other demands include administrators who have a record of turning schools around, autonomy for successful principals in hiring and firing teachers, and smaller classes.

If the district and the board do not act by January, Monroe says the HDEC will rally support for certain administrators, board members, principals and teachers to step down.

Wednesday evening the school board voted 6-0 to furlough 280 employees including 190 teachers as officials continue to work to pare down a $68 million deficit.