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Martin Sexton On Mountain Stage

Martin Sexton.
Brian Blauser
Mountain Stage
Martin Sexton.

Martin Sexton's rhythmic, fingerstyle guitar playing can make it seem as if he's backed by a full band even when he's playing solo. Sexton first made a name for himself when he left his native Syracuse, N.Y., in order to busk on the streets of Boston. He sold 20,000 albums out of the back of his car, and by 2002 was running his own independent record label. None other than John Mayer has described Sexton as "the best live performer I've ever seen."

Sexton's new album, Mixtape Of The Open Road, blazes across many genres and styles.


  • "Do It Daily"
  • "Virginia"
  • "Freedom From The Road"
  • "Set In Stone"
  • "Glory Bound"
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