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Jill Sobule On Mountain Stage

Jill Sobule.
Jill Sobule.

Jill Sobule returns to Mountain Stage, recorded live on West Virginia's State Capitol grounds. Since first breaking through with "I Kissed A Girl" in the mid-'90s, Sobule has maintained a loyal following. In 2009, she made news for helping pioneer the concept of fan-funded projects, raising $75,000 from 500 fans to produce, record and promote her album California Years. In 2013, after a chance meeting with SNL alum Julia Sweeney by a jellyfish tank in Monterey, Calif., the two created The Jill & Julia Show, which paired Sweeney's monologues with some of Sobule's best songs.

Sobule's latest album, Dottie's Charms, is a collaboration with 11 of her favorite authors, including Rick Moody, David Hajdu and Jonathan Lethem, in which each was asked to write a song based on a charm from a bracelet she'd purchased on eBay. During her Mountain Stage set, Sobule opens the floor to requests, and producer Adam Harris can be heard exclaiming, "YES!" from the wings after an audience member yells for her song "Mexican Wrestler."


  • "My Swivel Chair (Charm)"
  • "I Hate Horses"
  • "America Back"
  • "San Francisco"
  • "Mexican Wrestler"
  • "It Was A Good Life"
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