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Gregory Alan Isakov Finds A New Voice With A Symphony

There is new music from Gregory Alan Isakov, the South African-born, Philadelphia and Colorado troubadour. It's an album with the Colorado Symphony and his band. This song, "Liars" was written by Ron Scott and will be on Gregory's new album Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony.

"This particular song has always felt like two songs in one," Isakov tells NPR Music in an email. "The first half conjures the subconscious life, and the second half, at the moment the band begins to play, feels like the character is standing on the ground, solid, with a sense of reckoning."

Video footage here comes from locations that include the Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Boettcher Concert Hall in Colorado, and Starling Farm.

"'Liars' is an incredibly moving song that hits in a place I can only describe as being part of my soul," says Director Sarah Megyesy via email. "I'm honored by the opportunity to create a visual backdrop for Gregory's profound and beautiful music."

The album Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphonywill be out on June 10.

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