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The Austin 100: Lisa LeBlanc

Lisa LeBlanc

Hometown:Montreal, Canada


Why We're Excited:Acadian singer-songwriter Lisa LeBlanc has released records in English and French, always with a wry, plainspoken songwriting language that hits hard at unexpected times. Take the conversational long-distance dedication "5748 km," in which LeBlanc maps out exactly what it takes to travel from New Brunswick to Vancouver: One minute, she's singing about stopping on the road to pee, and the next, she's sighing a note of devotion — "But I love you / Yes, I really do" — with weary affection that cuts deep.

SXSW Schedule:

  • March 13: Bungalow (92 Rainey St.)
  • March 15: Victorian Room at The Driskill (604 Brazos St.)
  • March 16: Swan Dive Patio (615 Red River St.)
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