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Jukebox The Ghost On World Cafe

Jukebox the Ghost is the type of band you want to play your party. Why? For one, Because they're talented, but that's just table stakes. The second reason gets us a little closer. The band members are excellent entertainers, but even that doesn't really capture it. What I think is that singer/piano player Ben Thornewill, guitarist Tommy Siegel, drummer Jesse Kristin, enjoy each other's company. And when three friends are good at what they do, and having a lot of fun with each other doing it, we're in for a good time. That's what this session promises.

The trio released its fifth album Off to the Racesin March and it's a joyous affair with no shortage of inventive pop melodies, big hooks, and yes, plenty of piano. On this album you can really hear the band's Queen connection. Every Halloween, the group performs in character as Queen and those concerts helped to inform Off to the Races. You can hear the influence of the legendary Brits starting with the very first notes on the disc.

We'll talk about that and Jukebox the Ghost's long-awaited radio hit "Everybody's Lonely," but first, we get started with another live song, "Fred Astaire." Hear it all in the player.

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