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How Hawaii is keeping history and culture in mind as it rebuilds

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Recovery and rebuilding efforts are underway in Hawaii a month after the deadly fires that swept through Maui. Some 115 people were killed and thousands were displaced by the fires which began in the town of Lahaina.

Along with the homes and businesses lost to the fires in Maui, cultural institutions are also struggling to rebuild. 

The land around Lahaina is significant to Hawaii’s history and heritage. Itserved as the first capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom, and as the home of the Hawaiian royal family in the 19th century. A network of community leaders has kept Lahaina’s cultural history intact. But with the fires came the destruction of that sacred land. 

We’ll talk about the impact of the cultural loss due to the Maui wildfires, and also discuss what rebuilding and recovery mean for Native Hawaiians. 

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Arfie Ghedi