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Essential Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh's Nepalese-Bhutanese Population Looks Homeward

AP Photo/Wally Santana
Women walk through their destroyed village of Paslang near the epicenter of Saturday's massive earthquake in the Gorkha District of Nepal, Tuesday, April 28, 2015.

The Nepalese-Bhutanese community is the largest refugee group in Pittsburgh. In the aftermath of last weekend’s devastating earthquake in Nepal, we’ll discover how members of the local Nepalese-Bhutanese community are reaching out to aid their homeland with Bibhuti Aryal President / Co-Founder Rukmini Foundation.

Aryal tells how the actions of aid hope to raise awareness and support the people of Nepal:

"We need help from all our neighbors far and wide and we hope we can get a strong Pittsburgh community to come and mourn with us but also help us with the rebuilding efforts. It's part educational to show the scale of the damage and how much it is effecting our country and our people here as well but also to provide some hope that there is something we can do as a global community to make a difference. - Bibhuti Aryal

Also in the program,  Michael Kobald of the Soarway Foundation had several employees caught in the earthquake. Sasha King explains how networking doesn't have to be an overwhelming process, and Founder and CEO of Belt Publishing Anne Trubek describes how Belt is choosing to anthologize Pittsburgh.

On the Job: Networking (starts at 21:54)

Research shows nearly 60 percent of candidates land their next position through networking. However, many would be connectors are stumped by shyness, not knowing the proper etiquette and tech savvy.  In this month’s On the Job segment Independent Career Consultant, Sasha King explains how to use networking to your best advantage.

Belt Magazine & The Pittsburgh Anthology (starts at 38:40)

Since 2013, Belt Magazine has been publishing long-form content that reflects the issues of life in the Rust Belt. The publishing company has also been anthologizing major Rust Belt cities, including Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Youngstown. Now it's Pittsburgh's turn. Founder and CEO of Belt Publishing Anne Trubek explains the voices that Belt Magazine is helping to make heard. 

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