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Popular Downtown Statue Being Moved To Airport


Arch will be traveling to the airport.  The Allegheny County Airport Authority has approved placement of Glenn Kaino’s sculpture Arch at Pittsburgh International Airport. Currently Arch is undergoing restoration work and will likely be placed in the Landside Terminal of Pittsburgh International Airport this spring, in time for the national convention of Americans for the Arts set for Pittsburgh June 14, 2013.

Renee Piechocki, Director of Pittsburgh's Office of Public Art, said the sculpture is immediately identifiable as a city icon.

“You know, one of the most recognizable things about Arch is that it is actually a sculpture that is made up of miniature versions of many of Pittsburgh’s bridges. You know so it wound up looking like some people said a little transformer robot!”

Arch was originally installed at the corner of Seventh Street and Fort Duquesne Boulevard in Downtown Pittsburgh’s Cultural District.

Piechocki said her office has been working with The Heinz Endowments to find an indoor home for the sculpture which will be accessible.  

“It’s not going to be located on the gate side, because we wanted it to be in a place where anyone can go and see it, not in a place where you would need to have a ticket, or be able to get through security. It’s going to be located on the north end of the ticketing section, which you know anyone can park their car and go in and visit the sculpture,” said Piechocki.

Arch was commissioned to celebrate Pittsburgh’s 250th Anniversary as part of a larger initiative.

“It was supposed to only last there for about six months, it wound up being outside for almost two years because it was a very loved sculpture by the community; and instead of just decommissioning the sculpture, we decided that it would be really lovely to try to find it a new permanent indoor home.” 

According to Piechocki the sculpture possesses both large scale visual impact and intimate detail, providing different levels of interest depending on the individual's viewpoint.