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POLITICO Kicks Off Editorial Series Starting With Pittsburgh


POLITICO kicked off a yearlong, editorial series Tuesday, showcasing innovative ideas from cities across the nation and how they can be re-engineered for Washington.

POLITICO Editor Susan Glasser explained why Pittsburgh is the first city featured.

She says that cities don't need to be a mini-Brooklyn to attract young tech professionals, because companies are following Millennials to satisfy their longing to live in cities.

"Clearly what we're seeing is a macro shift across the country, not just in Pittsburgh, but across the country. We're seeing young people vote with their feet. They don't want to live in the kind of suburban environment that they grew up in. They don't want to be chained to their cars and long commutes. Even in the original Silicon Valley what you're actually seeing is a mass exodus into San Francisco, and tech companies are following their constituents."

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