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Pittsburgh Businesses Are Ready for Thursday's USA-Germany World Cup Game

The next game the United States plays in the World Cup could be its last of the tournament. The match against Germany is already being considered one of the most important soccer games in the country's history. With this important matchup beginning in less than 24 hours, some fans are getting ready by watching rally videos, getting their USA team gear, and setting up plans to watch the game with friends and other fans

Nick Sandi, owner of Nick's Imports on East Carson Street, sees the excitement of the World Cup growing in Pittsburgh first hand. Sand has been selling soccer shirts and country jerseys for each World Cup since 2002.

For him, the excitement has reflected in sales.

"I do not think we will have enough stock if we win. Because nobody was thinking would advance this far. I think they're going to go far this time. They have a good team actually."

After fans get their jerseys and shirts to support their nation they still have to find out where to watch the game. In Pittsburgh, fans aren't just watching from home. They are jamming into sports bars such as Piper's Pub, which has become a haven for soccer fanatics from all countries.

Piper's Pub manager, Alex Peightal, said the staff has been dealing with an overflow of fans these past few weeks.

"It kind of wears you down, but it's a good day. It flies by, you're working, you're busy."

Because the pub has been so busy they have had to turn people away from the establishment during games but the fans that do get in are very lively.

"I think they're all very enthusiastic, honestly. When you're coming to a place like this and you're watching with like-minded fans, whether you're rooting for the same side or not, it gets a bit heady for everybody," Peightal said. "It's a very neutral place that we have here and it's good that way."

Once fans have grabbed their team apparel and chosen their location to watch the game against Germany, you may hear them chanting along with the fans in Brazil, "I believe that we will win."