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How Poet Jessica Server Finds Freedom In The Writing Process

Bob Studebaker
90.5 WESA

Poet Jessica Server likes the sense of freedom she gets from writing and appreciates opportunities to present her work to audiences. She considers it “an act of engagement that’s a step of the creative process.”

“What I’ve always loved about writing is that it’s sort of a vehicle that can take you anywhere,” she said.  

Server, who lives in Friendship, said the most important qualities for a writer, especially a poet, are curiosity and awareness.

She said the themes she’s working with now are “interpersonal relationships as we get older and how they get more complex,” nature, her garden, travel and fear.  

Server is a relatively new arrival to the city and thinks that Pittsburgh is "an amazing place to be an artist.”

“Pittsburgh has a kind of DIY spirit," she said. "Whatever you want to do, you can do it.”

Bob is a host for JazzWorks. Bob has been working in different areas of the radio industry for 33 years. He thinks “public radio is a forum for ideas and entertainment unavailable on commercial radio and that makes it indispensable.” Bob is a lifelong Pittsburgher who married and raised both of his children in his home city.