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PA Winery Association Dubs October A Celebratory Month

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board

Pennsylvania’s wine industry accounts for some $5.5 million in sales at the state’s wine and spirit stores. To shine a light on the growing industry, state lawmakers have designated October as Pennsylvania Wine Month.

Pennsylvania has one of the largest wine growing regions in the United States behind New York, Washington, Oregon and, of course, California, according to the Pennsylvania Winery Association.

“We’re just seeing leaps and bounds as far as growth across the commonwealth,” said Jennifer Eckinger, executive director of the association.

And that growth, said Eckinger, has been steady over the years.

“Back in 2000, we had about 64 wineries in the state," she said. "Now we feature more than 200. Not only has the number of wineries grown, but the production level for those wineries in the state of Pennsylvania has increased."

Pennsylvania is seventh in the nation in the number of wineries and fifth in the amount of wine produced, she said. The commonwealth’s wine industry has a more than $2 billion economic impact each year and supports more than 10,000 jobs, according to the association.

To highlight the state’s wines, some 134 different varieties will be featured at state wine and liquor stores, along with tasting events, winery tours and other events.