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Unemployed Workers Rally for Extension of Benefits

In an effort to raise awareness for the end of unemployment benefits for 40,000 Pennsylvanians, the Mon Valley Unemployed Committee rallied in downtown Pittsburgh on Friday afternoon.

"Most people think that extended benefits will be continued until the end of February, and if there is another renewal on the federal level, they will continue to receive extended benefits," said Antonio Lodico, co-Director of the group. "In reality, everybody with unextended benefits, which we estimate to be over 40,000 Pennsylvanians, will be cut at the end of this month."

He said that the state legislature made a mistake last year when they overhauled unmeployment, and that it will be devastating for those who will be losing benefits.

Pennsylvania is one of seven states with laws that will result in the long-term unemployed losing their benifits. The group is calling for emergency aid to be allocated by Congress. Lodico is worried that the number of people losing their benifits will grow quickly if action is not taken soon.