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From the Slot Machine to Property Tax Reduction

Some of the money that Pennsylvanians have been feeding into the slot machines across the commonwealth could be going back into their pockets in the form of property tax relief. State Budget Secretary Charles Zogby announced that $782.5 million collected in gaming revenue statewide will be distributed in 2012 to Pennsylvanians in the form of property tax reductions. That's up from last year's $776.2 million.

The Property Tax Relief Fund was established in 2006 through the Taxpayer Relief Act which served as way to use gaming revenue to reduce property taxes for homeowners.

However, Erik Shirk, a spokesman for Governor Corbett's office, said that revenue earned from table games at Pennsylvania casinos goes into the commonwealth's general fund.

"When we're talking about the Property Tax Relief Program, it's all from slots," Shirk said.

Shirk said the average amount of property tax relief each Pennsylvania household will see annually is about $200.

"Homeowners will see their property tax reduction itemized on their tax bill later this summer," Shirk said. "The exact amount of tax relief will vary by school district, and the Department of Education will notify each school district of what that amount is by May 1st."

Revenue from slots will also be used to aid older and disabled homeowners through the Property Tax/Rent Rebate program.

For Philadelphians, though, the gaming revenue will be used to reduce the city's wage tax.