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The Business of Buying Into a Franchise

Can you be an entrepreneur if you buy into a franchise? What should you know if you’re considering opening one? Contributor Rebecca Harris answers those questions this week as she looks at the business of franchises.

How does one even begin to buy into a franchise? Harris has some advice.

“You would actually conduct some market research. There’s lots of franchise associations, there’s information on the internet about it. You might see a business opportunity and consider buying into it and doing your research. Sometimes I think that people really look at what they’re most passionate about and then find the type of franchise they want to buy into, which I think makes sense, you really are buying into a business even if you might not have started it yourself.”

Harris describes the most popular franchises in Pittsburgh, which include GNC and SuperCuts, both of which have headquarters in Pittsburgh, although neither appear on Forbes’s list of best and worst franchises on either side of the spectrum.