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Heinz Super Bowl Ad Features Wiener Dogs, Anthropomorphized Condiments

Heinz released its Super Bowl commercial, featuring bun-clad wiener dogs.

Scores of hot dog costume-wearing dachshunds run through a grassy field while Harry Nilsson’s 1972 ballad “Without You” plays in the background.

What can’t they live without?

Heinz Ketchup of course. And mustard. And barbeque sauce, represented here by humans in condiment costumes. The dogs leap upon them, licking their faces while the announcer says, “It’s hard to resist great taste. Meet the Ketchups.”

Kraft Heinz has been trying to build buzz around their family of condiments with the hashtag #MeetTheKetchups.

It’s not the only company to release its Super Bowl ad early. YouTube’s channel dedicated to early ads for the big game includes videos from KFC, Snickers, Bud Light and Pokemon.

Kraft and Heinz merged last year, eliminating more than 2,500 jobs nationwide.