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Environment & Energy

Celebrating Earth Day In Pittsburgh


Virtual Earth Day

A virtual Earth Day party takes place this week. One of the highlights will be a new environmental music video on how consumers can save money and energy. The video even features a cameo from Mayor Peduto. We got details on the video and event from Joylette Portlock, President of Communitopia and creator of the Don't Just Sit There, Do Something About Climate Change web series.

Communitopia tries to promote awareness of the simple things people can do to make a difference when it comes to climate change. Portlock said, unplugging your phone charger when you aren’t using it or shutting your computer down completely when it isn’t in use can go a long way.

“Our goal really is to engage people in the subject of climate change and empower them to make positive actions at an individual, community, and even in actions that are happening at the national level,” Joylette said.

The virtual party takes place on Thursday April 24, and more information is available at Communitopia’s website.

The Business of Earth Day

Earth Day began at the height of the hippie movement in the 70’s. At the time pollution was seen as the cost of prosperity. Since then, our consciousness has been raised regarding the negative impact we’re having on the environment. This week contributor Rebecca Harris looked at the business of Earth Day.

She said some people celebrate Earth Week, an entire week of activities focused on environmental issues. The major players in Pittsburgh include city departments, including the Mayor’s office, which organizes a number of events.

The Pittsburgh Pirates celebrated Earth Day with eco-friendly rally towels Monday, and the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium will celebrate Wild Earth Day with activities and learning stations for students visiting on field trips on Friday. 

Check out Greener Pittsburgh for a list of more organizations holding Earth Day events in the area. 

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