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Google Teaches Internet Safety to Pittsburgh Students

Google's traveling "Good to Know Roadshow" program presented at an assembly Monday at Pittsburgh Obama Academy to teach middle school students about the importance of using the Internet safely.

Google spokeswoman Jamie Hill said it was their first time making the presentation in Pennsylvania. Google has an office at Bakery Square in the Larimer section of Pittsburgh. Hill said research shows 93 percent of teenagers are using the Internet.

"This might be the time that they're getting that first cell phone, first computer, and they're starting to communicate more," she said. "And helping them develop those skills now will help them be successful long term."

She said they touch on the importance of thinking before sharing online.

"We ask them to use the grandparent test: Would you want your grandparents to see it, because that will help guide making great decisions about what you post online," Hill said.

The roadshow tries to impart five tips to students:

  1. Think before you share.
  2. Protect your stuff with strong passwords.
  3. Know and use the settings on the sites you visit.
  4. Scams: know what they look like and how to avoid them.
  5. Be positive when posting online.

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