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Project Journey: Supporting the Needs of Women Veterans

Project Journey-Veterans Leadership Program

Pennsylvania has the 8th largest population of women veterans in the country.

The Veteran’s Leadership program, which provides housing, employment and support services for eligible local veterans, was recently selected by the Newman’s Own Foundation to receive a $45,000 grant to help female Veteran’s with career development.

Project Journey Coordinator Trudy Friend and Development Director and Community Relations Michelle Margittai work with these Veterans by providing resources that aid in their transition back to civilian life. 

Margittai finds that the government and other programs that work with Veterans are beginning to provide more for women.

“Here in Western PA, typically 1 out of 7 veterans that come in our door of the 2,000 that we serve are women, but it’s growing and the types of needs are changing from the traditional needs of the Vietnam veterans.”