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Why Do You Choose To Stay In Pittsburgh?

Ryan Loew
90.5 WESA

90.5 WESA is joining public radio stations from around the country looking at what keeps people in place.

Why do you stay in Pittsburgh‬? Post a photo to Instagram with your answer using the hashtag ‪#‎WhyIStay‬, and we may share your photo here.

Why I Stay is a collaboration between many public radio stations exploring what keeps people in place and what motivates them to move. Started by WFAE, and includes Boise State Public Radio, KQED, KTOO, KUOW, Michigan Radio, St. Louis Public Radio, WBUR, West Virginia Public Radio, WLRN and WNYC. They've also asked their audiences to share their #WhyIStay stories, many of which you can find on this interactive map or by way of this Tumblr page.

Here are several of your Pittsburgh #WhyIStay stories: