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Salvation Army To Host 6th Annual 'Most Amazing Race'

Thirty-two teams are gearing up to put both their mental and physical capacities to the test for a good cause. The Salvation Army of Western PA is hosting its 6th annual “Most Amazing Race” Saturday, September 20th, to benefit youth in Allegheny County.

In recent years there has been an increase IN demand for youth programming provided by the Salvation Army. Funds generated through the “Most Amazing Race” will allow the organization to keep its doors open according to Donna Fencik, Salvation Army Divisional Director of Fundraising

Fencik said not a lot of people are aware of what the Salvation Army provides to the community.  

“They see the red buckets at Christmas and they know that we help the poor in some way, but the biggest thing we do, and what this event supports, is youth programming,” said Fencik.  We have programming trying to build character in kids and teach them the importance of respect.”

The Salvation Army “Most Amazing Race” is patterned after the popular reality TV show, Amazing Race. The race will kick off at the South Shore Riverfront Park, and proceed throughout the city hitting top-secret challenges along the way. Remaining true to the show’s format participants are divided into teams of two, which have to complete each station before proceeding onto the next—the first to cross the finish line wins.

Unlike the famed television show, charity rather than personal gain is the goal. Only the top fifty fundraising, two person teams will be accepted to participate. In order to secure a spot in the challenge teams are required to raise a minimum of $250. The more funds raised for The Salvation Army, the greater time advantages that team will receive during the event.

In previous years, participants as old as sixty have joined in on the festivities. “Really anybody can be competitive in this race, you know you may not be the most physically fit person in the world but you can raise a lot of money that’s going to give you advantages, and give you that little leg up on the physical competition, ”Fencik.

The first place team will cash in on $3,000 sponsored by PNC; second place will earn $1,500, leaving the third place team with $500.

The event has already generated a buzz collecting $24,000 for the Salvation Army’s youth programs.  The  goal is to raise $40,000. Fencik says so far they have thirty-two teams participating, and the window to donate is still open. All the team profiles are available online, and those wanting to help get them to their goal are asked to help out struggling teams by donating online.

Fencik says this event gives everyone an opportunity to get involved from volunteering to manning the stations, all the way to participating on a team. 

“It’s so much fun its truly unique it’s really unlike any other event this is something you want to get involved with and the added benefit of helping a good cause.”