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Cornerstone Praise Network Expanding in Pittsburgh

Cornerstone Television has announced the launch of its new affiliate, the Pittsburgh Faith and Family Channel, which features a partnership with Christian churches in the region

The station replaced the Bible Discovery Network with its soft launch on August 17, and now is expected to add additional programming to the lineup, increasing from 72 hours to 108.

“Television is a wonderful medium because unlike passing out a track, unlike a revival, even unlike knocking on someone’s door this is a way into a family into the heart of an individual,” said Tom McGough, General Manager.

The vision behind the station’s launch began more than a year ago when CEO Reverend Don Black shared his conviction to place local churches at the forefront of the ministry with McGough.

McGough, has established a partnership with 36 local churches.

“We have a mix of ministries from urban, suburban, to rural from all of the different geographies from the Pittsburgh market we go as far east we have a number of churches in Johnstown we go as far west as Weirton West Virginia we just have all different kinds of churches,” said McGough.

The station’s goal is to provide local ministries with the necessary platform to share their church services and events as a citywide “congregation.” The participating churches'  will each receive three airings a week-- one overnight, one during the daytime and one during evening prime time. McGough believes each airing will reach a different audience demographic.

“Everyone expects to see church on a Sunday, but we want to reach the person who is also watching at night when they are alone and in need of the word,” said McGough.

McGough says the” Pittsburgh Faith and Family Channel” is not based on a business model; instead it operates as a ministry partnership with local congregations.

“We want to bless viewers with God’s word and help local churches grow, I can recall when we began I shocked by how few church were recording their services—now some have begun just to be a part of this,” said McGough.

When viewers tune into the channel they can expect to find inspiring music, bible-centered teaching, and dramatic portrayals of Scripture.

The Pittsburgh Faith & Family Channel began as a weekday rotation of one hour of service, followed by an hour of praise and worship, then an additional hour of the Watch Bible. Now with the expansion of churches from Beaver to Johnston and Weirton, there will be 24 hours of religious services from 12 pm Saturday to Monday at midnight.