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Annual Revenue For PA Casinos Jumps $6 Million With Table Games

Pittsburghers spent more than 18 percent more on local casino table games this year over last, according to new figures released by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

Statewide, the gross revenue from gambling at table games grew 11.34 percent, from $59.3 million in September 2014 to $65.9 million last month.

Table games include those played at a table with a live croupier or dealer like blackjack, roulette, baccarat or craps.

Rivers Casino rose above the state average with 18.35 percent more revenue year over year. Meadows Casino grew 24.8 percent. Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin dropped 5.77 percent.

“(Growth) has been fairly regular across the board for quite a while now,” spokesman Richard McGarvey said. “Sometimes a little higher, sometimes a little lower, but again, still seeing the increases.”

McGarvey credits the economy and an increase in disposable income for the jump in casino revenue.

“Our industry is still expanding to a degree here in Pennsylvania," he said. "We have seen now well over 12 months of straight revenue increases in this range. About 4, 5, 6, 10 percent throughout the last year, year and a half.”

With additional gross revenue comes more significant jumps in tax revenue as well, McGarvey said. The state collected about $9.5 million since September 2014, he said.

Rivers Casino officials declined to comment on this story; Meadows could not be reached.