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Pittsburgh Charities, Nonprofits Take Part In National #GivingTuesday Effort

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Four years ago, one group of people from a YMCA in New York City had an idea: to turn what had been days of consumer-driven attention to nonprofits and charities. #GivingTuesday was born in 2012 with the aim of engaging communities and getting people to “give back.”

“Whether that’s donations or volunteerism or raising your voice online or offline in support of whatever cause you’re passionate about,” said Asha Curran, director of innovation and social impact with the 92nd Street Y in New York City, which started the Giving Tuesday movement.

It’s grown to a nationwide event with regional charities and nonprofits continuing to jump on board asking people to donate time or money.

“The first year, we saw a 50 percent increase in online giving compared to the day after Cyber Monday the previous year," Curran said. "The second year, we saw a 90 percent increase, and the third year, which was this last year, we saw another 63 percent increase."

The nationwide call has grown to include more than 40,000 partners, including dozens in Pittsburgh.

Last year, more than $46 million was raised on Giving Tuesday. But, Curran said that only includes online gifts taken from a limited number of platforms, so it doesn’t include all platforms, offline gifts or volunteer hours spent.