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Imploded Hulton Bridge Likely To Live On In Construction Projects



Residents may not have seen the last of a century-old bridge over the Allegheny River in western Pennsylvania that was imploded earlier this week.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports the steel from the 107-year-old Hulton Bridge could end up in a construction project once it's recycled by P.J. Greco Sons Inc.

John Greco, owner of the East Deer scrap yard, says his company is working with bridge contractor Brayman Construction Corp. to haul away more than 2,000 tons of steel. Full removal of the bridge is expected to be finished in May.

Brayman and a subcontractor used explosives to bring the bridge down into the Allegheny River on Tuesday. The span connected the Pittsburgh suburbs of Oakmont and Harmar.

A new, $66 million Hulton Bridge opened months ago.