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Investigation Finds McLay Violated No FOP Codes With Uniformed DNC Appearance

Megan Harris
90.5 WESA

An independent investigation into the Pittsburgh Police chief’s appearance at the Democratic National Convention has found no violation of city code. The Office of Municipal Investigation’s findingswere released Friday.

After investigators reviewed city code, conducted interviews and reviewed emails, they found complaints against Chief Cameron McLay “unfounded.”

Credit Democratic National Convention / Screengrab
Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay speaking at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, July 26, 2016.

Police union leadership had alleged that McLay’s appearance in uniform amounted to campaigning, which violates city code and the bureau’s code of conduct.

McLay requested the independent investigations be conducted last month, which found he was adamant that he would speak only about community-police relations, and would not mention any candidate’s name. The investigation states that when the campaign put pressure on McLay, he threatened to withdraw from the event.

McLay was not paid for his appearance, although the DNC covered his travel expenses. City leaders and employees, including those in public safety, often have those types of expenses covered by event sponsors.

Citizens Police Review Board Director Beth Pittinger said its independent investigation is also complete and will be released later this month.