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To Celebrate #NationalPizzaDay, We Created A Congressional Map Pie

Sarah Kovash
90.5 WESA
The 90.5 WESA newsroom recreated the state's congressional map on a pizza, because why not?

Friday marks two big events: National Pizza Day and the deadline for the state legislature to create a new congressional map and submit it to the governor. (However, lawmakers said Thursday they would not be able to meet the Friday deadline.) 

In honor of these two occasions, the 90.5 WESA newsroom commissioned a pie shaped like the Keystone State from Benny Fierro's (the place in the South Side with the giant pizza slices) and used toppings to create the Pennsylvania's current 18 congressional districts -- Goofy kicking Donald Duck and all.

As the legislature continues to mull new districts, here's a look back at some of our reporting on the topic

Two court cases challenge the state's congressional map, created in 2011, saying its gerrymandered to favor Republicans

A political science professor testifies that he made 1,000 computer-simulated congressional maps, all of which were better than the current one. 

Pennsylvanians realize a new map could mean they'll be in a different district. Candidates also have to consider new strategies and running in new districts

GOP leaders say they're "outraged" by the idea of a new map.

Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati pledges to ignore a state Supreme Court mandate to hand over congressional district data

The U.S. Supreme Court let a court-ordered redrawing of congressional districts in Pennsylvania proceed.

Lawmakers work on a new map, but it's unclear what their plan is or if they'll get it done by the Feb. 9 deadline -- or passed in the state legislature

Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices explain why they decided the state's congressional map was unconstitutional

State lawmakers concede they won't be able to create a map by the Feb. 9 deadline.