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Continued Rain Expected To Cause Flooding In Pittsburgh This Weekend

Gene J. Puskar
The Allegheny River overflows its banks, flooding Duquesne Boulevard in downtown Pittsburgh, Friday, Feb. 16, 2018.

A flood warning is in place in Pittsburgh through Sunday due to predicted heavy rainfall, and residents can expect the flooding to be similar to what happened last weekend.

Meteorologist Matthew Kramar of the National Weather Service said the water at the Point is expected to rise to 26 feet, due to a projected 3 to 4 inches of rain.

"Which is just shy of what happened this most recent flood," Kramar said. "But that's a somewhat conservative number and it could certainly get higher than that."

Kramar said the water will be high enough to flood both the 10th Street Bypass and the Parkway East "bathtub," both of which flooded last weekend, as well.

Pedestrians and motorists are advised to stay away from flooded spaces. Areas that are quick to flood can create hazardous -- and sometimes deadly -- situations. In 2011, four people were killed while driving on Washington Boulevard during a flash flood. The city has since installed warning signs and safety gates in that area. 

"It's never a good idea to enter flooded areas," Kramar said. "Even slow flowing water can sweep people off their feet."

The rain has also made it difficult for crews with the city's Department of Public Works to fill potholes