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Top Stories: Iran And Diplomacy; Bush Attends Same-Sex Wedding

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- Private Meetings With Iranians Give Veteran Diplomat Hope.

-- George H.W. Bush Is Witness At Same-Sex Wedding Of Friends.

And here are more early headlines:

Republicans Consider Defunding Obamacare With Debt Ceiling Vote. (Politico)

Death Toll In Severe Pakistani Quake Climbs. (CNN)

Militants Kill Several Police In Kashmir, India Says. (DAWN)

Court Upholds War Crimes Verdict Of Former Liberian Leader Taylor. (Al Jazeera)

Astronaut, Cosmonauts Reach International Space Station. (AP)

EPA To Investigate Hawaiian Molasses Harbor Spill. (KHNL-TV)

Wild Pigs Menace Atlanta-Area Neighborhood. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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