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Top Stories: Physics Nobel; Arguing Over The TPP

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- This We Do Know About TPP: The Shouting Is Already Loud.

-- Physics Nobel Awarded For Work On Neutrinos' Metamorphosis.

-- Russian Warplane Incursions In Turkey Are 'Unacceptable', NATO Chief Says.

And here are more early headlines:

Devastation Continues After Record South Carolina Rains.()

Senate Panel To Question U.S. General About Afghan Hospital Bombing. (The Hill)

E.U. Court Rules European Data Sharing With U.S. Violates Privacy. (Bloomberg)

1.8 Million Boxes Of Cheerios Recalled Over Possible Wheat Contamination. (Sacramento Bee)

Ghana Suspends 7 Top Justices On Bribery Allegations. (Guardian)

American Airlines Pilot Dies In Flight; 1st Officer Safely Lands Plane In Boston. (Boston Globe)

Wisconsin Home Identified As Rare Frank Lloyd Wright Design. (AP)

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