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Top Stories: Kerry Visits Hiroshima Memorial; North Korean Officer Defects

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- Secretary Of State John Kerry Visits Hiroshima Memorial.

-- High-Ranking North Korean Intel Officer Defects To South Korea.

And here are more early headlines:

Macedonian Police Force Back Migrants With Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets. (Telegraph)

Yemeni Ceasefire Goes Into Effect. (France24)

Daughter Of Jailed Ex-Peruvian President Wins 1st Round Of Presidential Elections. (Wall Street Journal)

CIA Director Wouldn't Obey Hypothetical Order To Waterboard. (New York Times)

India Detains 5 In Connection With Deadly Temple Fireworks Blast. (BBC)

Number Of Tigers In The Wild Is Increasing. (Scientific American)

World Record Set For Longest Human Mattress Domino Chain. (Guiness World Records)

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