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Proposed Legislation Blocks Employers Asking For Passwords


Companies in Pennsylvania could be barred from digging into their workers' social media profiles. A state House proposal sponsored by Representative Jesse White (D-Washington) would ban employers from requesting passwords to sites like Facebook and Twitter as a condition of employment.

"They can't ask you in a job interview about your religious orientation, about your sexual orientation, those sorts of things, because they're not allowed to use them as a basis for employment," White said.

Last year, Maryland became the first state to ban companies from requesting their workers' social media passwords. White acknowledges people should take personal responsibility for items or opinions they post online, and that's why "nobody on the planet" knows his Facebook password.

"If I put myself in personal or professional jeopardy, it's going to be because of my own doing," White said, "not because my employer had my password and decided to do something inappropriate."