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Allegheny County Issues First New Voter IDs through CCAC

Update (Oct. 2, 2012 4:45pm): Following the judge’s ruling to put on hold the implementation of Pennsylvania’s voter ID law until after the November election, Allegheny County suspended the issuance of voter-only IDs at CCAC campuses and Kane Regional Centers. According to Allegheny County spokesperson Amie Downs, any ID’s issued in the first day and a half of the program will remain valid until November of 2017.

Allegheny County has rolled out new photo identification through its community college and senior centers, in an effort to supply residents with valid IDs now required to vote in Pennsylvania.

At the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) Homewood-Brushton campus Monday night, a line formed with many people waiting to present proofs of residence and have a photo snapped in order to get a college-issued ID card.

Former Pittsburgh Mayor Sophie Masloff showed up because she said she didn't have a valid ID card -- they had all expired. She had some choice words for the state's new voter ID law, passed by Republicans in the state legislature earlier this year.

"[It is the] most ridiculous law that's ever been passed, and I've been voting for many, many years," said Masloff. "It's a hardship, it's a disenfranchisement, and it's hurting the Democratic Party. It's a ploy."

The 94 year-old Masloff said she had a difficult time getting to the CCAC campus to get a photo ID.

CCAC spokesman David Hoovler disagreed with the notion that the college-issued IDs may not be valid for those unaffiliated with the institution.

"We are issuing these identification forms as voter identifications, for voting purposes only," said Hoovler. "They won't suffice for any student discounts, or anything like that. They're clearly not a student identification, but they are permitted under the law for voting purposes."

The law faces a legal challenge from the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania. A Commonwealth Court judge is expected to rule on a request for an injunction of the voter ID law Tuesday.