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Politics & Government

Maggi Loses To Murphy in 18th Congressional District

Republican Incumbent Tim Murphy handily won reelection to the 18th Congressional District seat by beating Democrat Washington County Commissioner Larry Maggi Tuesday.

Murphy will enter his sixth term in the US House of Representatives.

The 18th District covers Greene and Washington Counties as well as parts of Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties.

Murphy attributed his victory to the hard work of his team. He looked forward to his priorities for the next two years in making the nation stronger.

"[W]e recognize a lot of it is getting American energy-independent, making sure that we are keeping our manufacturing here, making sure also that we are working to cut the deficit... 40 cents out of every dollar ends up going just to pay off the debt.  You can't continue that way, it's like having a credit card out of control," said Murphy

Maggi said he’ll continue to serve the people of Southwestern Pennsylvania. In his concession speech in Cannonsburg on Tuesday night, Maggi said he’s happy he ran, because he introduced new ideas – and when voters are more informed, politicians are forced to make better decisions

“When voters are more informed, politicians are forced to make better decisions,” he said.

The two opponents sparred on various issues including health care – Murphy voted against The Affordable Care Act and supports a Medicare voucher.