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Allegheny County Democrats Announce Nominee for 42nd House District

The Allegheny County Democratic Committee unanimously nominated Dan Miller to run for the 42nd House District. The seat was left vacant after Matt Smith won the 37th state Senate seat in November. Miller is a former Mt. Lebanon Commissioner and a current volunteer firefighter.  He said he’s honored to get the nomination, and added he’ll focus on two big issues.

“I don’t know how you have any conversation about the priorities of Pennsylvania without talking about education and jobs, so broadly speaking I think you have to go in there with a focus on those two as far as getting Pennsylvania the types of opportunity we all want to see,” said Miller.

He went on to say he’s interested in tackling the big issues in Harrisburg, and doesn’t want to get bogged down with smaller issues.

“Like saying, ‘well how long do you want to spend debating the naming of a post office or something,” to be honest I have no interest in going there to do the small stuff, we want to go there and look into big things that affect the competitiveness of the state, we want to look at the things that will help advance education issues, we want to look at things in the special needs community as well,” added Miller.

The Republican Committee of Allegheny County has yet to choose a nominee for the 42nd House District. A person who answered the phone at their office said they will typically wait until a special election date has been set, which has not happened at this point.