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Politics & Government

State Dems Take Issue With Corbett's Education Funding Proposal

State Democratic lawmakers are taking issue with how Gov. Tom Corbett is proposing to increase funding for public education.

The governor proposed a $240 million block grant which would come with spending restrictions and be doled out according to a formula.

But Chester County Sen. Andy Dinniman, ranking Democrat on the chamber’s education committee, said the formula differs from the one used under an existing block grant.

"When we add up the impact of this new formula, this extra $241 million, it appears that the poorest school districts are actually ending up with less money and the more prosperous school districts are ending up with more money," Dinniman said.

Republican Sen. Mike Folmer, education committee chairman, said he’s still waiting for details on the administration’s proposed formula for the block grant.

He said it’s likely up for debate.

The House and Senate Appropriation committees will spend the next three weeks hearing budget recommendations from cabinet secretaries and other state agencies.