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Pennsylvania Progressive Summit Hosting Gubernatorial Debate

Six Democratic candidates for governor will debate tonight during the Pennsylvania Progressive Summit hosted by Keystone Progress. According to Executive Director Michael Morrill, this will be the first opportunity for candidates to rebut each other’s arguments unlike earlier forums.

Morrill says the candidates are going to face questions unlike any they have heard before.

“We’re not going to ask them what they feel about fracking, everybody knows where they stand. We’re not going to ask them about abortion, everybody already knows about that. So we’re going to ask questions that regular everyday Pennsylvanians want to have answered, and questions that nobody has dared to ask them before,” said Morrill.

Morrill declined to give any examples of what questions candidates might face.

John Hanger, JoEllen Liz, Rob McCord, Katie McGinty, Allyson Schwartz, and Tom Wolf are all scheduled to attend.  Democrat Jack Wagner declined the invitation due to a prior engagement,  and Governor Tom Corbett did not respond to an invitation according to Morrill.

On Saturday, the Keystone Progress PAC will announce its first ever candidate endorsement.

According to Morrill, the Keystone Progress PAC has been active for several years doing everything except endorsing candidates.

“We have hundreds of thousands of members all over Pennsylvania, and it was important for us to take the next step and allow them to know where we stand for elections and mobilize those people so that we can start winning elections as well as winning on the issues that we care about,” said Morrill

The Keystone Progress Summit will host more than 100 presenters, a variety of workshops,  as well as the gubernatorial and lieutenant governor debates.