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Property Tax Reform Efforts Spring Eternal

State lawmakers have snubbed two different efforts to reduce property taxes buoyed by recent activism on the issue. But for every season, turn, turn, turn.

Recently proposed tax shifts fit into one of two categories: statewide or local. But a nascent effort from Rep. Dave Reed (R-Indiana) combines both approaches.

"With the increased discussion on property taxes, over the last year or so, I thought maybe it's the right time to try to put together another proposal that kind of meshes some of the different thoughts together," Reed said.

His bill, not yet introduced, would increase the statewide sales and personal income levies. Further property tax reductions would be left in local hands.

"We would provide additional options for local school districts in a dollar-for-dollar fashion to completely eliminate school property taxes through those local options, if they choose to do so," said Reed.

State agencies have panned recent property tax reform efforts, saying they wouldn't generate enough money. Reed said his bill takes those analyses into account.

The Independent Fiscal Office found that one proposal would lighten the load for retired homeowners, but increase the tax burden on working renters.