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Kane’s Office To Do Internal Audit Of E-mails’ Release

Raunchy e-mails flagged by state Attorney General Kathleen Kane have prompted firings, reprimands, court-requested reviews and now, a planned internal audit by the Office of Attorney General. 

Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo said the agency plans to do a post-mortem on its efforts to let the state Supreme Court and the Judicial Conduct Board review inappropriate e-mails exchanged between judges and OAG employees.

The examination, Ardo said, is intended to settle a dispute about the e-mails: “who looked at them and when.”

The board and the high court have begun follow-up investigations of sitting Justice Michael Eakin, based on recent remarks by Kane as well as news reports that he exchanged offensive material.

The two agencies said such material had never been provided to them during earlier investigations of judges’ e-mails.

The Supreme Court’s inquiry cleared Eakin of improper behavior in a report last year.