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Prosecutor To Kane: What About Your Emails?

Matt Rourke

The Philadelphia district attorney’s office is accusing state Attorney General Kathleen Kane of being part of the same inappropriate email chain her office uncovered.  

The statement came as a bombshell in an ongoing vendetta between the state’s top law enforcement official and her critics in the office of Philadelphia D.A. Seth Williams.  

Kane is facing criminal charges she says have been trumped up to stop her from releasing pornographic and offensive emails exchanged by judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and others.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney Mark Gilson said Kane’s own inbox isn’t pure as the driven snow.  

“Look, when is Kathleen Kane going to release the 58 emails that her sister got? Or the 11 that were forwarded to her?” asked Gilson. “What about those emails?”

When asked how he had knowledge of the messages, Gilson replied: “Didn’t you hear? I’m doing a grand jury.”  

Chuck Ardo, Kane’s office spokesman, said he doesn’t know the basis of Gilson’s claim about emails sent to the attorney general or her twin sister, Ellen Granahan Goffer.  

Kane has released a selection of pornographic and insensitive emails uncovered on her office’s servers in the past year-and-a-half. The fallout has led to ended careers, judicial investigations and chatter of tainted prosecutions. Gilson joined a chorus of people who have called on Kane to release all the scandalous emails in her possession.

“How many people have asked her to release these things?” said Gilson. “Everybody says that. Come on.”

Ardo said Kane is concerned releasing more emails would violate a judge’s protective order.