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What Four Pittsburgh Families Think Of The Final Presidential Debate

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Top row: (L-R) Catlyn Brooke, Sara Middleton, the Rutherford family. Bottom row: (L-R) Steve Dzurilla, Donna Dzurilla, Dena Masterino, Bob Masterino.

Earlier this month, we spoke to a handful of families from across the Pittsburgh region about the upcoming election. We checked in with them after the third and final presidential debate to hear what they were thinking as we move toward Nov. 8.  

Catlyn Brooke and Sara Middleton 

Brooke on Trump's comments about women:  

"Still seeing him attack Hillary Clinton last night during the debate, it's just, it's scary, frustration ... I'm kind of at a loss for words about it." 

Middleton on Clinton's aggressive style: 

"I was excited that Hillary was making digs on Donald. And I was excited that he was flustered." 

Bob and Dena Masterino

Dena Masterino on her idealism and move toward a strategic vote:

“There is a part of me that feels that if I really believe in the Presidency I will not vote for either but I’m being encouraged by other people in my life to be more of a pragmatist. So I’m struggling where I fall with that, whether idealism is a decent place to motivate my vote.”

Kurt and Leslie Rutherford

Kurt Rutherford on a "rigged" election: 

“When this election is over, instead of being able to come back together as a country and as one and working together, it’s just setting us up for four years of divisiveness.”


Donna and Steve Dzurilla

Donna Dzurilla on solidifying her vote for Clinton: 
“I don’t want to be negative because a lot of it was …  I just saw Trump as being completely unfit. He didn’t really talk about the issues in a very specific way, where she did.”