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Vote For Sugar With Pittsburgh Bakery’s Clinton, Trump Cookies

Priory Fine Pastries

People express their political support in many ways, be it yard signs, T-shirts or even by painting their homes.

One local bakery has provided another option: cookies.

Priory Fine Pastries unveiled sugar cookies Tuesday bearing printed images of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump priced at $1.25 each.

“With the election coming up, I sense that there’s a good deal of exasperation, so we thought we might do something fun in the last week before the election,” said John Graf, owner and operator of Priory Fine Pastries.

The bakery plans to use sales as a sort of informal poll. So far, it’s sold about 15 dozen cookies. Graf said sales are pretty evenly split between sugary Trumps and smiling Clintons.

Priory Fine Pastries isn’t alone in the push for election-themed baked goods. A national movement among bakeries called “Make America Bake Again,” is pushing home bakers to make “election cakes,” the boozy, fruit and spice cakes of yore.

And Trump stirred up a little controversy last month when he stopped by a Moon Township Eat ‘n’ Park restaurant and called it “Smiley Cookie.” Oops.

Anyone hoping to cast his or her vote for Clinton or Trump -- in cookies, that is -- can place orders online or via phone through Election Day, Nov. 8.

Graf, for his part, declined to disclose any personal preference.

"I am voting for one cookie or the other, but I'm not disclosing which," he said.