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Democrats, Republicans Protest Lamb's Decision On Impeachment Investigation

Ariel Worthy
Protesters outside of Congressman Conor Lamb's Mt. Lebanon office.

Democratic and Republican voters appeared outside of Congressman Conor Lamb's Mount Lebanon office on Monday, reacting to his support for an impeachment investigation into President Trump. 
Through dueling chants such as "quid pro go" and "God Bless Trump," dozens of protesters voiced their opinions on Lamb's vote in favor of opening an inquiry. As a result of that party-line vote, the House Intelligence Committee is now investigating whether Trump used American aid to pressure Ukraine into digging up dirt on potential rival Joe Biden.

Democrat Erin Gabriel was among those who support Lamb's vote to investigate Trump, though Lamb has mostly kept quiet on the issue.

"I think he's been thoughtful and speaking with him in the past I know he takes his time to read things," said Gabriel, who supports Lamb because of his stance on the Affordable Care Act. She said her family depends on the ACA and Medicaid to help with her 10-year-old daughter's healthcare. While some Democrats wanted Lamb to be more zealous about impeachment, she said, "His version of reluctance was actually waiting a day to actually read the transcript" detailing a call this summer between Trump and the leader of Ukraine.

Republican Kurt Korinko says he believes the impeachment investigation is a sham.

"When you have a politician like [California Democratic House member] Maxine Waters who says literally the day after Trump is elected that 'we're going to impeach him,' and then it picks up steam from there, it's hard to act as though your side is objective in the matter," Korinko said.

Lamb's district includes Beaver County and suburban areas of Allegheny County. Trump narrowly won those areas in 2016, and a handful of Republicans have lined up as potential challengers to Lamb next year.