How And Why To Support 90.5 WESA This May 6

Apr 20, 2014

This spring, the Pittsburgh Foundation’s annual Day of Giving is part of a national event called Give Local America.  

Replacing the traditional Day of Giving in October, this year’s May 6 event is part of a national day for community foundations across the country.

Be part of this national event when you donate to 90.5 WESA at, and have your gift matched locally.

As a listener I rely on 90.5 WESA each day to keep me informed of what’s happening locally, nationally and globally. 90.5 WESA is my first choice for news and information because I know I’ll get the full story with a range of perspectives.
I can’t imagine Pittsburgh now without a full-time NPR News Station or without the 90.5 WESA newsroom’s in-depth local coverage, so I am a supporter. And if you feel the way I do, I encourage you to become a member or give an additional gift on this special match day.

May 6 is the Day of Giving. From 6 a.m. through midnight, all donations of $25 to $1,000 made to 90.5 WESA and other participating local nonprofit organizations at will receive a partial match for each gift thanks to the Pittsburgh Foundation.
It’s a quick and easy process. Just go to anytime on May 6. Choose 90.5 WESA (and any other organization you’d like to support) from the list, choose the amount you’d like to give, and a few clicks later, you’re done! 90.5 WESA is made healthier and financially stronger thanks to your tax-deductible gift.

Join me on May 6 to give a gift, have it matched and celebrate your love for Pittsburgh’s NPR News Station.

Carly McCoy
Loyal listener, supporter and WESA Membership Manager