Shapiro Presses Senate To Pass Grand Jury Recommendations

Oct 15, 2018

Attorney General Josh Shapiro says recommendations from a state grand jury report that found Roman Catholic priests sexually abused more than a thousand children over decades will pass if given a vote in Pennsylvania's Senate.

Shapiro spoke Monday while greeting victims of sexual abuse demonstrating outside Senate offices.

Senate Republican majority leaders haven't promised a vote on all four recommendations. The chamber's top Republican, President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati, says one recommendation is unconstitutional.

That recommendation is to give now-adult victims of child sexual abuse a 2-year window to sue perpetrators and institutions over claims that would otherwise be barred by time limits in state law.

Shapiro's office says it's constitutional and the House passed it overwhelmingly. Scarnati backs a church-created fund to compensate victims.

The Senate's fall voting schedule ends this week.