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Magee To Offer 'Nobel Prize For Women's Health' $1 Million Award

The Office of Governor Tom Wolf
Officials with the Magee-Women's Research Institute say they'll give $1 million toward innovative research.

The Pittsburgh-based Magee-Womens Research Institute is planning to offer a $1 million prize for innovative research into women's health when it holds its inaugural summit next October at the city's David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

The charity's board chair, Carrie Coghill, says the idea is for the award to be seen as similar to a Nobel Prize for women's health. The Richard King Mellon Foundation is funding the effort.

The group's efforts are built around three goals. The 9-90 program focuses on identifying and curing illnesses originate while a person is in the womb, but which can last for 90 years, or a lifetime. The group also seeks research into gender specific biological and medical problems that affect women only, and for efforts to reduce or eliminate HIV/AIDS globally.

The summit will be held Oct. 8-10, 2018.

(Photo credit: The Office of Governor Tom Wolf/flickr)