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The Raconteurs: Acoustic 'Consolers'

While not exactly taking a break from The White Stripes, Jack White keeps piling on new projects. In recent years, he's recorded the latest theme in the James Bond series with Alicia Keys and produced albums for Beck and Loretta Lynn. His most consistent and stable side project, however, is his rock band with singer-songwriter Brendon Benson, called The Raconteurs. The group's sophomore album, Consolers of the Lonely, was recorded in secrecy and released just a week after its existence was announced. It allowed fans and critics to discover the music simultaneously.

In a session with host David Dye, the whole band performs an acoustic set of new material from Consolers of the Lonely, which marks a clear progression from the group's highly successful debut, Broken Boy Soldiers. Members Benson and Patrick Keeler also explain why their Australian Web site refers to the band as The Saboteurs.

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