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Kristina Train: No Crying Over 'Spilt Milk'

Kristina Train possesses a singing voice from another era, but her speaking voice is surprisingly youthful and down-to-earth — a compelling combination, to be sure. Her sound recalls Dusty Springfield, Aretha Franklin and (to my ears) Laura Nyro.

After seeing Train perform a showcase at Joe's Pub in New York City, I invited her to do a studio session at WFUV. At the beginning, she admitted that it was her first radio appearance, and my announcer's back-sells of her songs made her giggle. It was as if she were living out a dream in which someone was talking about her on the radio.

A classically trained violinist who's spent some time figuring out how best to use her powerful voice, Train was offered a record deal as a teenager, but opted to finish college and gain wisdom before diving into the business. That decision paid off, and at 27, Kristina Train defies the freshman act with her debut album, Spilt Milk. In the process, she lives up to the legacy of the great voices that inspired her.

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