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Pennsylvania Flood Assistance Waning

The demand for flood recovery assistance in Pennsylvania has ebbed enough that some state agency offices are now closing on weekends.

The Department of Environmental Protection had planned to keep their Harrisburg and Williamsport offices open through Columbus Day weekend, to help people with flood damage sustained during heavy storms this summer.

But Lisa Kasianowitz, a DEP spokeswoman, said there's been a drop in need, so the weekend hours were eliminated.

She said the facilities dealt most with helping people with flood debris removal and distributing water testing kits.

"DEP staff has been working around the clock to make sure that these test kits are available, that flood recovery efforts are ongoing, that the hardest-hit areas are, you know, getting the need that they deserve," said Kasianowitz.

DEP handed out almost two thousand drinking water test kits. Less than 900 came back for testing.

The agency's Williamsport and Harrisburg offices are the last to remain open on weekends for flood recovery services. The Norristown and Wilkes-Barre regional offices returned to normal business hours in the last week of September.